Chip Haggerty

Wyatt Bunce

Anna Friemoth

Naderson Saint-Pierre

Onnissia Harries

Tim Conlon


Maggie Holland

Adam Pitt

Andrea McGinty

Darla Ebanks

Ernani Silva

Hadley Vogel

Caroline Cash

artistas en la universidad y en el extranjero (AUE)

In order to foster a competitive and knowledgeable candidate in the arts and accelerate the careers of art students in BFA and MFA programs and abroad

  • Manar Ramadan Baal
  • Samson Shofoluwe
  • Spencer Fields
  • Douglas Mutebi


Please schedule an appointment to see our secondary market artworks

  • Helen Frankenthaler
  • Marc Chagall
  • Elaine de Kooning
  • Pablo Picasso
  • Louise Nevelson
  • Nancy Spero
  • Ruth Kligman
  • Ego Schiele
  • Yayoi Kusama
  • Henri Matisse
  • Jon Brewer
  • Conrad March-Relli
  • Claude Monet
  • Willam de Kooning
  • Bill King
  • Additional artworks acquired under private sale available upon request

Collection Artists

Artworks by the following artists are held in the personal collection of Nicole Abe Titus, founder of Abe Art LLC. Abe’s collection focuses on contemporary and modern artworks completed by abstract, conceptual and avant-garde artists.

Adrian Armstrong, Anna Delvey, Luke Diiorio, DeepPond Kim, Franco Cuttica, Wyatt Bunce, Keith Haring, Lewinale Havette, Elaine de Kooning, Paton Miller, Gabs Conway, Neil Loeb, Leonard Baby, Kian Mckeown, Brent Warr, Nicholas Devlin, India Summers, Guy Richards Smit, Jared Angelo, Marley Freeman, Aïda B. Faura, Gab Bois, Viridis Artem, Ernani Silva, Crave Harley, Eric Stefanski, Ryan Patrick Martin,