A Brief History

Abe Art LLC was founded in 2014 in South Carolina and expanded to establish Julia Seabrook Gallery, New York in 2021

Julia Seabrook Gallery has been a lifelong vision of the founder, Nicole (ABE) Titus. Following the death of her first girlfriend, Abe decided that she would name her first art gallery after her. The feeling was that if anyone deserves to have their name known worldwide, it is Julia Seabrook.

What We Do

Julia Seabrook Gallery operates as a traditional gallery space; hoping to be a catalyst for the careers of emerging artists.

We help our customers acquire quality artwork directly completed by beginning, mid career and established artists, both in the primary and secondary market. Focusing on original and unique works, we offer a very limited number of prints on selected artworks only. 

Our goal is to make the art process stress free, for both the seasoned collector and novice. We want your collection to grow in value, but also be beautiful on your walls. We only sell works to those looking to display and care for the pieces properly. 

Abstract, Modern, Contemporary and Conceptual

We’re constantly on the lookout for upcoming talent that we believe will develop an extensive and vibrant career in The Abstract, Modern, Contemporary and Conceptual Art spaces. We have an ever expanding list of artworks by established, mid career and emerging artists. 

Easy, Accessible and Enjoyable 

From idea to installation, we at Julia Seabrook Gallery are passionate about abstract artwork. Our staff will make sure the process is easy, accessible and most importantly enjoyable! We curate custom artwork and develop spaces that express our client’s extraordinary story and specific lifestyle. Let us effortlessly guide you through your next artistic endeavor

A Personalized Touch

We believe that each of our clients deserve uniquely crafted design solutions that reflect their taste and lifestyle. By spending time to understand your needs and personal vision, we create a highly individualized plan to meet those needs. Our team and creators work together to make your artistic dream a reality. The combined years of industry work and artistic achievements of our staff guarantees you quality and top tier service. 

Freedom From Wasted Time

When you collaborate with Julia Seabrook Gallery, you’ll be on the fast track to achieving your ideal artistic goals. With the benefit of our expertise, you’ll avoid the disappointment of expensive mistakes. The result is something money can’t buy; the freedom from stress and wasted time

Hassle Free Art Collecting

Let’s work together and get rid of the hassle in art collecting . We don’t believe in middle men or smokescreens when it comes to art sales. Because we purchase most of our works directly from artists whose careers we are watching, we have the ability to connect you to the creative source.We understand that dealing with artists can be difficult, and handle most communications regarding business, etc. Studio visits, meetings with artists may be arranged for serious buyers/collectors.